God Dares Us To Dream

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Normal people don’t change the world. Many live their lives day to day simply fitting in to society. As believers this is a culture in which we must stand out and not stand in. We are the ones who demonstrate to this society that there is more than the every day, more than the normal. We must look beyond ourselves, we must become dreamers. Dreamers believe for the impossible. They are stargazers, they are wanderers, they are the adventurers.

Even if your life seems normal–if you are eternity conscience–then you are different, viewing life from a standpoint and paradigm that those around you fail to have the capacity to realize. Therefore if you live from eternity, your life will stamp the times with meaning and significance for generations to come. You contain in your relationship with Jesus the substance the earth is starving for. Grasping this empowers you to no longer remain the same,–to no longer remain normal. You become something different, something other, something that looks a lot like Jesus. And that something inside of you that will influence the world. So believe for it, dream for it, and simply go for it.

“Here Comes this Dreamer…”

Scripture is full of dreamers. The first dream of calling in the Bible was given to Jacob. Jacob had a dream in which heaven met earth (Genesis 28:12-13 ESV).

And hedreamed, and behold, there was a ladder set up on the earth, and the top of it reached to heaven. And behold the angels of God were ascending and descending on it! And behold,the LORD stood above it and said, “I am the LORD, the God of Abraham your father and the God of Isaac. The land on which you lie I will give to you and to your offspring.

This dream is a call for a land to be inhabited by a people where heaven meets the earth. I had never noticed this before: this was not just a dream about land, but about a land filled with people who walked in the presence of God. The dream was the introduction to the vision that took hold of Jacob’s heart.

Your offspring shall be like the dust of the earth, and you shall spread abroad to the west and to the east and to the north and to the south, and in you and your offspring shall all the families of the earth be blessed. Behold, I am with you and will keep you wherever you go, and will bring you back to this land. For I willnot leave you until I have done what I have promised you (vv 14-15).”

Originally my focus for this was going to be on Joseph being a dreamer, and as I flipped through this passage, the heading captured my attention;Jacob’s Dream. Jacob’s dream was the foundation for all that his son Joseph would do. Joseph’s dream was a fulfilling and continuing Jacob’s.

Joseph dreamed that his brothers were bowing down to him (vv 37:1-11). This was a necessary component of God making a way to bring the people back to His land after the coming famine (See the rest of Genesis and Exodus if this story is unfamiliar to you.) Joseph had several dreams about this and would relay it to his father, who was also a dreamer. Jacob loved Joseph because he was the son of his old age (3), but I also think that he loved him more because he too was a dreamer. However, his brothers despised him because of it.

His brothers were not dreamers like their father and brother. They could not understand the significance of Joseph’s dream and how it related to fulfilling their father’s dream. “They said to one another, ‘Here comes this dreamer!’ “ Compared to his brothers, Joseph was abnormal. He had a dream and saw something from above changing the realities here on the earth.

This is often hard for those around us to hear but being around the ones that have connection to heaven may save them in the long run, as it did Joseph’s brothers. This dream was also vital in his brothers fulfilling their callings as well. Instead of embracing the dream, they were soiled by their places in it. The place you are in may be the gateway, the Bethel experience that takes you higher than you ever thought you would go. In the end the place of serving their younger brother was actually way better than the places they were in when they sold him into slavery.

Let us dream God’s dream.

Let us dream as Jacob, and Joseph, and so many others that went before us, that found something heavenly. Let us dream God’s dream with Him. Our own dreams apart from Him will prove fruitless.

“Imagine” is probably John Lennon’s most famous song. Here are some of the lyrics:

Imagine there’s no Heaven It’s easy if you try No hell below us Above us only sky Imagine all the people Living for today

Imagine there’s no countries It isn’t hard to do Nothing to kill or die for And no religion too Imagine all the people Living life in peace

You may say that I’m a dreamer But I’m not the only one I hope someday you’ll join us And the world will be as one

I did not research the song in depth, but it is clear that he dreams of a world of peace. The first two verses show us what are in his mind–things that hinder peace; heaven, hell, countries, and religion. I do understand that he longs for the world to be one and he is dreaming for that to become a reality but his mistake is trying to do it on an earthly level. The very thing that would have propelled him closer to his dream would have been a heavenly vision.

The one thing that can truly unite the world is understanding not religion, but the love of Christ. When we have this we can see people as Jesus sees them and our hate-filled hearts will be filled with love. The sad consequence of hell is that it is not the absence of the love of God, but the rejection of it that sends one there.

In the song John Lennon wants us to join him in rejecting the one thing that would actually make his dream of peace a reality. It is a sad irony. In this song the gut of the matter of man’s struggle with the sanctity of his existence is revealed, which is why the song is so captivating. Also the pulse of the song to me is the same of the desperation of the Muslim morning call to prayer I have heard on the mission field. There is a catastrophic cry in the heart of man. This is the reason for God choosing us. God dares us to dream, to look beyond ourselves, to see all that is possible in Christ.

For the creation waits with eager longing for the revealing of the sons of God (Romans 8:19).

The world’s desperate cry will be answered by us when we dream. Dreams create vision. Vision creates calling. Calling creates action. Action creates disciples. Disciples don’t merely change society? Rather, they create the society of heaven here on the earth!

Be a Dreamer

I say imagine a society of dreamers who dream the things of God. “God dares us to dream” is a phrase the He dropped in my spirit one day. I was thinking about how I should be living in heavenly places and doing the things Jesus did as He has commanded me. I was thinking beyond what I was experiencing and it gave me the vision to get there.

Where there is no prophetic vision the people cast off restraint, but blessed is he who keeps the law (Proverbs 29:18).

God wants us to daydream, to night dream, and to imagine all the things we can become when we dream of Him. God dares us to dream.

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