The Power of Purity

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What are the benefits of living in purity? In this article I will take the position that purity is power. Originally I was going to say that purity produces power, however as I articulated in the first post of this series “What is Purity?,” that purity means that we are living from the Pure Source, or from God Himself. Therefore, such a stance in our hearts-having been granted to us by Jesus through the cross-is like being connected directly to the Power Source of the Universe. We have a Pure Source of Power-Holy Spirit-for every thing we do in this life. Living pure therefore, is living powerfully…….

BookCoverImageNow in Book Form!

Since writing this series of articles, I have converted them into book form! To read the rest, simply click here, and you will be taken to my latest book The Pure Source: A Practical Guide to the “Why” and “How” of Purity.

Here is the info from the back cover of the book: “How do we live in Purity? “I think that is a question that many of us as Christians entertain almost on a daily basis,” writes David Edwards, as he examines how to live in purity. He goes on to share how drinking from the purest source of water in the universe-Jesus-we are changed from the inside-out. This relationship empowers us to live in purity, not by forcing ourselves into it, but because purity has become who we are. We may often find ourselves faced with temptations that seem difficult to overcome, even in our pure identities. David offers simple steps that provide an exit-ramp for escape.

This is the final of four articles on purity. Be sure to read the rest.

Part 1: What is Purity?

Part 2: Practical Steps to Purity

Part 3: The Purpose of Purity

Part 4: The Power of Purity

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    David Edwards is the Author of The Call for Revivalist. In this series he captures the wonderful concept of Purity. There is power in living pure, living from the Pure Source of Life. Purity was never meant to be a struggle. Check it out!

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